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Welcome to West End Therapies

West End Therapies offers clinical reflexology treatments in Leicester and Leicestershire. Trained at Jubilee College, Muriel Russell holds a Centralia Reflexology Mastership at Level 5. This is the UK's highest reflexology qualification incorporating the latest techniques in the practice of reflexology.

The clinic is based in the heart of the West End of Leicester offering a calm, relaxing and comfortable environment to maximise the benefits of your treatments. If you cannot get to the clinic, let me know and I can arrange to come to you (please note there will be a small charge for travelling expenses).

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a natural and holistic therapy that triggers physical and psychological responses to promote health and wellbeing. Reflexologists use their thumbs and fingers to manipulate pressure points on their client's hands and feet corresponding to organs, systems and structures of the entire body.

The earliest historical evidence of reflexology was found on a hieroglyph in the tomb of an Egyptian physician dated 2500BC. From then there are various forms of the practice of this therapy in Egypt, Japan, India, China and by the natives of North America. In Europe the precursor to reflexology was 'Zone therapy'.

How does Reflexology work?

Reflexologists believe that energy moves within the body along channels. When in health, organs and systems work constantly to maintain balance. Ill health or pathologies are a sign of imbalance and blockages in energy flow. Reflexologists apply pressure techniques to precise reflex points on the hands or feet with the aim to stimulate the body's own potential to restore harmony. As holistic practitioners, reflexologists therefore work on the whole individual rather than on symptoms or specific organs.

Can Reflexology help you?

A reflexology treatment is a wonderful opportunity for you to participate in the healing process. I believe this is an important aspect of complementary therapy. In her book 'The art of reflexology' Inge Dougans says 'It is imperative to be willing to let go of disease and take an active role in the treatment'. Clients find reflexology treatments relaxing and a chance for some 'me' time in their busy lives. Others with life-long conditions find reflexology brings relief to pain and discomfort. Whatever your reason for having reflexology, I will encourage you to look at the ways you can take an active role in improving your health, helping the healing process. If you are not sure if reflexology is right for you, why not give me a call for a confidential chat to discuss your specific circumstances.

Some areas where Reflexology may help you:
  • Provides relaxation and relieves stress
  • Improves circulation
  • Detoxifying by stimulating the lymphatic system
  • Boosts the immune system (Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage)
  • May help to reduce pain
  • Increases energy levels
  • Encourages balance in the endocrine system (hormonal balance)
  • West End Therapies Reflexology
  • West End Therapies Reflexology
  • West End Therapies Reflexology

Method of working

For each new client I conduct an initial in-depth consultation (1 1/2 hours) during which we will discuss your medical history and I will perform a full reflexology treatment. From our discussion and the information I gain during this session I will design an individual treatment plan specific to your needs and what you aim to gain from our work together. The treatment will use any combination of the techniques listed below as appropriate.

Clinical reflexology: using a range of the latest techniques of applying pressure to areas of the feet or hands that correspond to your body systems and organs.

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (Reflexology Lymph Drainage):

Reflexology Lymph Drainage

in October 2015 I attended the RLD training with Sally Kay an award winner reflexology practitioner, researcher and trainer. RLD was developed by Sally while she worked as a complementary therapist in cancer care. The video shows the benefits this revolutionary technique brings to people affected by a range of conditions. The result of the clinical research projects have recently been published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice and international journal.

Endocrine system balance: a special technique designed to balance your hormonal system. This may be particularly useful for women who experience migraines linked to their menstrual cycle.

Functional Reflex Therapy (Functional Reflex Therapy):completed the two day continuing professional devFRT logo v1elopment training for reflexologists in the Funcional Reflex Therapy framework developed and run by Lorraine Senior. This is a short and effective treatment to help relaxation in the moment.  I am interested in taking this methodology to residential homes, hospices and other charities working with older people, especially those with Dementia. The training also gave me the tools to run workshops for non-reflexologist carers and family members. Feedback from my older clients is that it is very relaxing.

Trained by Sally EarlamReflexology for supporting conception: in May 2017 I completed a continuing professional development course with Sally Earlam, followed by 2 assessed case studies, focussed on the latest research and techniques for  supporting conception with reflexology. Sally is the Head for Education and Training at the Association of Reflexologists and has over 18 years experience as a reflexologist. Her approach has given me a wider range of knowledge and new techniques to maximise the clients' wellbeing on their journey to becoming parents. I am able to treat both partners or either. 

Subsequent sessions last 45 - 60mn. My aim is to help you relax so you get maximum benefits from the treatment, so I also use techniques such as deep breathing, visualisation and mindfulness. The clinic provides a comfortable environment where you will feel at ease. 


 Initial in depth consultation including 60mn treatment (90 mn)

 Clinical reflexology treatment (60 mn)  £30
 Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (60 mn)  £30
 Reflexology - Assisting conception (60 mn after initial consultation)  £30
 **** Special Offer New Clients *** Book 6 treatments, get the 7th free ***  £180
Gift vouchers available  
Late cancellations: please be mindful that cancellations have an impact as others who need my help may have needed your slot. Therefore, be aware that there will be a cancellation charge of up to the full session for appointments cancelled with less than 24h notice, unless there is an inevitable cause.